Friday, May 8, 2009

This SunDay FunDay

If you're going to be in the Bay Area this Sunday, I highly suggest you head over to one of the 17 Bay Area museums that will be free for the day! Check out the full list here.

Last week I visited the recently reopened Contemporary Jewish Museum and can highly recommend it. The current exhibit, although sparse, is totally worth checking out, especially for free.

Dwelling in a different city? Not to fear!
Head over here for a list of websites that will point you in a more affordable direction.

Today's Advantage

Let me preface today's Advantage by saying that I do have many friends who have been forced out of San Francisco post-layoff due to the cost of living here, so I am well aware of how pricey it can be to remain funemployed in The City by the Bay.
I, too, have made some major lifestyle changes due to my dramatic decrease in income.

However... According to Forbes Magazine, San Francisco only comes in at #18 on their list of America's Most Overpriced Cities.
(See a more SF-centric and light hearted take on the findings over at

So when it comes to the #1 rule in real estate, Location Location Location:

Advantage: San Francisco Funemployed

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Quarterlife Crisis-ing

Big thanks to JMac for posting this article from EYE WEEKLY.

I'm finding the concept of the Quarterlife Crisis especially fitting during funemployment.

“There is life on the other side of this, and it’s actually a pretty good one. Growing up may be hard to do, but in the end, the gains outweigh the losses.” In other words: it might just be time to grow the fuck up.