Friday, April 3, 2009

You Are Not Alone

See this NYT article posted this morning about the steady decline of available jobs in the US.

This is the first time the jobless rate has been this high since the year I was born.

In related news, Michael Jackson had a hit single called You Are Not Alone.

In only kind of related news the below music video was released the year I was born.

You're welcome.


brettjackson said...


I have now applied to over thirty jobs. Of my three interviews, two were informational, and one led to nothing. I have several promising leads, but no job offers!

However, I have been fortunate enough to discover a family that has offered to house me "indefinitely!" Oddly enough, they have a daughter named Brett who will be away for the summer - according to her, I'm the Brett her parents never had.

So, to summarize: I'm still funemployed, but at least am not homeless.

Peter Jamison said...

Dear Yekits and Brettjackson,

I'm a journalist working on a story about unemployment in San Francisco. I'd be very interesting in talking to either one of you. I can be reached at

Peter Jamison
Staff Writer
SF Weekly

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