Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Interview Time

I had an interview today at a startup media company.

I walked in to my 2:00pm interview prepared and pretty confident that I was a shoe-in for the job.
I walked out feeling like I had just spent an hour having one of those conversations on the phone where you can hear your own voice echo back. But the echo was German. And no, I don’t speak German.
I had to steady myself in the elevator afterward, feeling like I was coming to after a black out. “Who was that in there?” I asked out loud.

I actually (genuinely) think that the reason it didn’t go so well is that I spent the first part of the day alone, not speaking to anyone.

God, that’s ironic.
I have no job, so I’m alone most of the day. Being alone means that I don’t talk to anyone (save a quick phone chat with The Mom and pleasantries with the guy at the hardware store), and don’t really get the vocal chords going or my brain exercised in the conversation department. Therefore, I walk into an interview and perform verbal diarrhea on the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer across the conference table from me.


Next time, I’m starting a lengthy and in-depth conversation with the guy at the hardware store about my experience developing strategic cross-platform marketing strategies. Whether he cares or not.

Funemployment Tip of the Day:
My flatmates have their crap they order online delivered to the house now knowing I’ll be home in the middle of the day to sign for it. I now charge them a nominal fee to deliver it to them from the deep abyss of my closet. Cha-ching!


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