Monday, July 27, 2009

Taking my Curtsey

I began this blog shortly being laid off in December of last year.

Since that first post 7 months ago:
-I've been interviewed by 5 media outlets and had my name and this blog referenced in countless others.
-Google results for "funemployment" went from less than a page to several pages.
I'm told that's at least partly thanks to me. Please, no applause.
-Funemployment Blog has enjoyed close to 9,000 page impressions.
Goodness that's a lot of eyeballs! Does this template make my butt look fat?
-Google results with my name has increased 5 fold.
Which has meant that the men I go out with on first dates are all that much more informed. Making them at once endearing and creepy.
-Since March, I have sent out over 200 cover letters and resumes.
No joke. I have the Excel spreadsheet to prove it.
-This is the 62nd Funemployment Blog post.

And now, finally, I have a job.

Oh dear Lord, here come the dry heaves.

Whew... I'm okay now.

Fun Fact: I've been out of work now for 8 months. That's the same amount of time that I was employed at my first San Francisco job.

Beginning August 10 I'll be working in marketing for an academic coaching company. I am, needless to say, stoked.
I will admit that marketing was not where I thought I'd end this job hunt. However, if these last 8 months have taught me anything, it's that you never know what will happen next, and you'd be surprised where the joy in your life can come from.

And although this blog has been a hoot, this will be the final post.

I've made the decision to put a fork in it. I don't want to jump the shark. I don't want to do this longer than it's relevant for me or try to hold your attention past 3:00pm on the Friday before Homecoming.

I hope that your tears don't last to long, and to help you heal your wounded heart, here are some fun things to look at:
Sound of Music
Because you can't resist the Music.
Piano at 90
Because you're never to old for a tushie grab!
HardTimes :: Art Hour
Because getting tounge tied is always funny and you should totally know Ze.
Where the Hell is Matt?
Because there's something really beautiful about this, and the first time I saw it, it made me cry.
Because you never knew how amazing post-it notes could be.
Evolution of Dance
Because the Running Man is always funny.
How to Start a Dance Party
Because it's always best to just be yourself.
Free Hugs Campaign
Because hugs are simply the best.
The Wheel
Because my Dad LOVED this song.

Because true gratitude is a beautiful thing, and I am truly thankful for all of you.

This has been an amazing, transformative time in my life and you, darling reader, have been a part of that. I hope that you had even 10% the amount of fun reading this blog as I have had writing it.
Thank you to all of you who posted comments, wrote me emails, and even those of you who just watched it all unfold.

I'll miss you. I'll always love you and I hope that you'll stay Funemployed!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Question For Ya...

You may not believe me, but I spend a lot of time thinking about you!
Where do you live?
Do you have a ninetofive?
Are you funemployed?

So to put my inquisitive mind to rest, I've added a poll to the blog!
If you would be so kind, check out the "What's your employment situation?" box to the right, and let me know what your deal is!

(If you're curious as to what "funemployment" means, exactly-check this out.)

I'll see how this one goes before potentially posting more.
I really want to know all about you. I want to get to know you in a first date kind of way... in a "Where did you grow up" or a "What's your favorite color" or a "Why are you so emotionally unavailable?" kind of way.

And I will expect a phone call within two days.

Thanks to Brian over at Isn't It Fun for the date humor.

image courtesy: Getty Images

Funner At Home

5 fun things about the office that you can recreate (and make even funner) right in the comfort of your own home:

1. Candy Time!
Ninetofiver: Just after lunchtime, go desk hopping, annoying the same three people every day until one of them restocks their candy drawer. Submit to eating (what are likely) 70% sugar chocolate eggs purchased at a 50% discount the week after Easter. Immediately regret decision.
Funemployed: Purchase your favorite candy. Hide candy in drawers throughout the house and when your sweet tooth kicks in, go Peanut Butter M&M hunting!

2. Eavesdropping on Personal Conversations
Ninetofiver: Limited to the narrative your office mate has daily with her husband about picking up the kids from school and their extraciriculars. But hey, it's better than the sound of the ventilation system, right?
Funemployed: There's always some a hole at your local coffee shop stupid enough to get into a personal conversation all up in your latte. Make note of every detail. Allow yourself to make petty judgements about their lives.

3. Gossip
Ninetofiver: Hang around the water cooler, or whatever these are called and wait for the people you want the gossip from show up.
Funemployed: You could do this. Or maybe this. Or visit here. Or one of these. Or just burry yourself in this.

4. Office Parties
Ninetofiver: Show up early to make sure you get the best, or any of whatever "food" was ordered for the occasion. Start drinking as soon as possible in order to build up tolerance to Creepy Richard in Accounting. Make ass out of oneself after 5 self-poured martinis.
Funemployed: Arrive at any Financial District bar for happy hour. Fabricate elaborate and fantastical job (suggestions: NASCAR driver, South America river rafting guide, unemployed blogger). Flirt shamelessly with already tipsy men or women until he or she insists on buying you dinner because they're so excited to hang out with a celebrity/worldly athlete/superstar.

5. Fill in the Blank!
I can't think of another one, so you tell me!
Comment on this post with your favorite office-thing-turned-funemployed-at-home-thing!
Is it free office supplies? Is it
conversation with coworkers/your fish? Tell me :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brain FREEze!

Get your hot little hands on a FREEzing treat today with a free Slurpee!
(Did you see how I did that? "Free"... get it?!)

To celebrate their 82nd birthday, all across the country, head over to your local 7-11 on this 7/11 for your free iced delish in a cup.

Yes, they only cost as much change as you already have between the couch cushions, but you haven't had one since those nights in high school you used to drive around until 1am looking for something to do... no?... just me and my friends? Never mind.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Month 7: Bird Poo, Television Fame

On Wednesday, I took my 6th trip out to Alcatraz island as a chaperone for groups of teens touring the western states.

On the ferry ride back to the San Francisco, a seagull pooed on me. As this is a pretty well known omen of good luck, I, of course, purchased $5 in California Super Lotto Quick Picks. (Such frivolous spending!)

I had no idea that my good fortune would actually be this. That's right. It aired :)

The CBS News Early Show funemployment segment aired on Thursday morning!

It's pretty heavily focused on the FUN (*sneer in the direction of the dingbat dude on the beach and playing golf*) and skips over the 20 minutes I spoke to them about working odd jobs, taking classes at City College, volunteering, pinching every penny, etc etc. But hey, that's television!

In Housekeeping News:
I am now a dot org! You can now get here through (Funemployment Blog; making your life easier, and a little funner)

Thanks to everyone for the great comments, emails, and general confidence that I will eventually be both fun and employed once again :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Web Site Story

Because it's all so true... and I'm a musicals geek.

It's Web Site Story.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Hold the Savory

As anyone who's been to Powell's with me knows, I have a pretty insatiable sweet tooth. So you can imagine my sugar-coated joy when Andy over at SF Weekly sent me this.

Just what a gal with no dental insurance needs :)