Monday, July 13, 2009

Funner At Home

5 fun things about the office that you can recreate (and make even funner) right in the comfort of your own home:

1. Candy Time!
Ninetofiver: Just after lunchtime, go desk hopping, annoying the same three people every day until one of them restocks their candy drawer. Submit to eating (what are likely) 70% sugar chocolate eggs purchased at a 50% discount the week after Easter. Immediately regret decision.
Funemployed: Purchase your favorite candy. Hide candy in drawers throughout the house and when your sweet tooth kicks in, go Peanut Butter M&M hunting!

2. Eavesdropping on Personal Conversations
Ninetofiver: Limited to the narrative your office mate has daily with her husband about picking up the kids from school and their extraciriculars. But hey, it's better than the sound of the ventilation system, right?
Funemployed: There's always some a hole at your local coffee shop stupid enough to get into a personal conversation all up in your latte. Make note of every detail. Allow yourself to make petty judgements about their lives.

3. Gossip
Ninetofiver: Hang around the water cooler, or whatever these are called and wait for the people you want the gossip from show up.
Funemployed: You could do this. Or maybe this. Or visit here. Or one of these. Or just burry yourself in this.

4. Office Parties
Ninetofiver: Show up early to make sure you get the best, or any of whatever "food" was ordered for the occasion. Start drinking as soon as possible in order to build up tolerance to Creepy Richard in Accounting. Make ass out of oneself after 5 self-poured martinis.
Funemployed: Arrive at any Financial District bar for happy hour. Fabricate elaborate and fantastical job (suggestions: NASCAR driver, South America river rafting guide, unemployed blogger). Flirt shamelessly with already tipsy men or women until he or she insists on buying you dinner because they're so excited to hang out with a celebrity/worldly athlete/superstar.

5. Fill in the Blank!
I can't think of another one, so you tell me!
Comment on this post with your favorite office-thing-turned-funemployed-at-home-thing!
Is it free office supplies? Is it
conversation with coworkers/your fish? Tell me :)


Fritsky said...

My coworkers and I always made fun of each other and other people in the office through email, even though we practically sat on top of each other. Since I got laid off almost a month ago, we've kept up the antics. I honestly feel like I still work with them, we email so often.

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