Friday, July 10, 2009

Month 7: Bird Poo, Television Fame

On Wednesday, I took my 6th trip out to Alcatraz island as a chaperone for groups of teens touring the western states.

On the ferry ride back to the San Francisco, a seagull pooed on me. As this is a pretty well known omen of good luck, I, of course, purchased $5 in California Super Lotto Quick Picks. (Such frivolous spending!)

I had no idea that my good fortune would actually be this. That's right. It aired :)

The CBS News Early Show funemployment segment aired on Thursday morning!

It's pretty heavily focused on the FUN (*sneer in the direction of the dingbat dude on the beach and playing golf*) and skips over the 20 minutes I spoke to them about working odd jobs, taking classes at City College, volunteering, pinching every penny, etc etc. But hey, that's television!

In Housekeeping News:
I am now a dot org! You can now get here through (Funemployment Blog; making your life easier, and a little funner)

Thanks to everyone for the great comments, emails, and general confidence that I will eventually be both fun and employed once again :)


Pam Bellemare said...

Hi there! In response to a post of mine on my blog "Between Jobs: The Blog," a friend of mine just pointed me in the direction of that CBS video (and your blog, also) - good stuff! Keep writing and keep having fun!

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