Thursday, July 2, 2009

Natural, Schmatural

I got an email in my inbox yesterday from Starbucks.
the subject line boasted: Simple Changes, Big Differences at Starbucks this Summer.


I clicked through, asked Gmail, to yes, please display the images below and skimmed the Real Food. Simply Delicious section.
We're... removing artificial ingredients.

That's fantastic! I'm a fan!

Thanks, Starbucks for doing your part to simplify the food we eat, for making good, natural ingredients taste so delicious.
(Oh, and for the 380 calorie Caramel Frappuccino. Those are pretty super too.)

There was a link to and this brilliantly written page, no doubt created by a team of marketing geniuses.
(God, I love these people.)

Many of these changes were inspired by your ideas. Of course, we were more than happy to oblige – and we hope you enjoy the difference.

I hope I do too, Starbucks! I want to! I need to! I already do and I haven't even tried the new food!

So, late this morning, I made my way down to my neighborhood Starbucks eager to tuck in to what I was promised would be a newly delicious chocolate chunk cookie.

And then, I took a bite.

It's awful. It's like they took their cookies, sucked all the moisture and awesomeness out of it and then harshly berated each of them with attack on their personal style and recent weight gain.

I'm so disappointed in you, Starbucks. Booooo.

Amazing the things that will get you riled up when you don't have RFPs or TPS reports flying your way 10 hours out of the day.

image courtsey: Getty Images


Dan Coyle said...

You had me all excited to try it out, but now, not so much.

Yekits said...

Dan- Good, I hooked you :) Yeah, I was quite disapointed!

Miranda said...

Hahaha. Can someone please tell me why the biggest coffee chain in the world can't make decent pastries? I've wondered this for years. Peets does it. Coffee Bean does it. Why can't Starbucks???

Dori Braverman said...

Ah, Alexis you got me so excited and then so disappointed all in one post! But is this ALL their bakery that switched to all natural? I had a slice of lemon cake on Friday and it tasted the same? Hmm...

Yekits said...

Miranda- agreed!
Dori- I believe so. Check out their website, food section for specific city info. Or maybe the lemon cake hasn't been ruined!

Jasmine said...

Actually Peets doesn't make any of their own pastries, at least here in SF. City baking company makes the pastries and delivers them every morning prior to open (I know cause I used to work there). The only pastry Starbucks has ever succeeded in making is the toffee almond bar. I would sell small children on the black market just to get a case of those. Also, in a city of fine coffee & pastry shops, why would you waste your time at starbucks in the first place?

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