Saturday, January 24, 2009

Anderson Told Me...

I've been out of town since Thursday and will be gone until later next week without much internet access, so I won't be posting until I'm back in town.
To tide you over...

Some statistics shared on last night's AC360:
Job losses this week- 36,224
Job losses last month- 632,000
Job losses last year- 2.7 million

Had these numbers been reported by someone less hunky, I may have been severely depressed, however, the Silver Fox (a Jeopardy champ, who knew?!) delivered the news with such grace and hottness, it somehow gave me a sense of pride for us hoards of funemployed folk.
Thanks, Anderson!

Newly Funemployed!

My dear friend Iris joined the ranks of the funemployed on Friday.
Working on week 2 of her funemployment, Jerusha!
Welcome to Funemployment, gals!


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