Friday, January 9, 2009

What I Want to be When I Grow Up

I’ve begun to experience this strange phenomenon wherein I decide that my new profession will be the profession of whoever I’m in the presence of.

I’m at a museum, I’ll be an art curator!
I’m on a plane, I’ll be a flight attendant!
I’m at a concert, I’ll be a singer/songwriter!
I’m bar, I’ll be a bouncer!

Why is this happening?
It might me that at this point I’m far enough outside the Ninetofive that I’m pretty idealistic about my options and I don’t have anything to loose in the dream.
It could also be that I am actually capable of anything. Just like Mrs. Adams always told us in 1st grade.

I don’t remember ever feeling this way when I was employed. I guess with enough time away from the stifling grind of a real job, the door on my reasonable professional limitations has been blown off. For better or for worse, I now have urges to become a MUNI driver and a defense attorney all in the same day.

I was going to watch an episode of Weeds, but now I'm afraid I'll be tempted to start dealing pot.

Funemployment Tip of the Day:
Tonight, for dinner, play “What does (your name) have in the fridge that will constitute a meal?” A guaranteed good time!


Fick said...

for the love of all things holy how could you say you want to be an attorney? And a defense attorney is even worse. Didn't you learn anything from living with law school students?

Yekits said...

I was just trying to see if you were paying attention, Sparky ;)

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