Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's Official

As I headed down to Starbucks this morning, reusable "commuter mug" (note irony) in hand, I had started to talk myself up for another post.

"Okay, it's been a while, I need to get my blogging going again, especially with the SF Weekly article coming out some time soon."

I walk in, motivated and ready to pontificate on my recent budget trip to Vegas or perhaps an update on my search for the new me. I ask adorable blond guy behind the counter (one of my favorite partners at this location) for a coffee with room. He gives me a sideways look and says, "I liked the article"
I look blankly back.
"It was you, right?"
My face gets hot.
"Oh my god, in SF Weekly?"
"Yeah, it's a GREAT article! I knew it was you!"

So, here it is. I think Peter hits the nail on the head in so many ways and really gets the tone of this moment in my life.
If you get the opportunity, I highly recommend picking up a hard copy... it's frikkin' front page news :)

Many thanks to Peter and Josh!


Ashley said...
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Mike T said...

Hey, I also saw the article, and I can relate! I've been voluntarily unemployed for about 9 months. Anyway, nice blog, and keep up the good wor... er, fun.

glasgowdick said...

Nice job Balexis.
I'm thinking the job offers will start rolling in 5...4...3...2...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making my day. I picked up the SF Weekly after slogging down Market Street in my sweats to get some coffee, a path that I used to take--dressed professionally--to a job that I loved. The cover alone changed my mood considerably. Did you design it? It's brilliant!

Yekits said...

Mike T- Thanks for the kudos!

glasgowdick- Thanks for the vote of confidence, I guess that's what family's for :)

Yekits said...

Anonymous- I'm happy to hear about your improved mood! Yes, Peter Jamison did an excellent job on the article. I'm sure a comment about the article online would be much appreciated, or an email to the writer directly at peter.jamison[at]sfweekly[dot]com And he was the one responsible for the cover design. I hope you continue to find ways to make your days a little brighter :)

Eric said...

i just read the sf weekly article and loved it! i checked out your blog and also just read the article about the quarterlife crisis, that's so me!

keep up the good work and post more! :)

Anonymous said...

My mom (who works with your mom) forwarded me the article (because I too am a "victim" of this leisurely life we call unemployment) and I must say, I LOVED your article! Great job!

Yekits said...

starbucksfan707- Thanks! Yeah, Peter did an excellent job! I'm 90% sure I know who this is :) Hang in there, you're a smart cookie and I'm sure funemployment will come to an end for you in the best possible way!

Yekits said...

Eric- Thanks, see comment above for Anonymous for ways to send the writer kudos. The Quarterlife Crisis article is excellent! I'm making it required reading for all my readers :)

Gbutton said...

Your article just got a bump from NPH's Twitter account. Godspeed.

Aaron said...

Great blog. I'm writing a story about funemployment for, a personal finance Web site, and would like to interview you. If you can, please respond to me at

Allison Murray said...

nice article, Lex! Now I can say "i knew her when..."!

Anonymous said...

I told you unemployment can be fun!!!
Love ya!
Auntie Jan

Shelly said...

AWESOME! Just picked the SF Weekly up off the kitchen table in my office. They just laid off 50% of us, including me, and I've been feeling guilty about feeling happy to soon be unemployed after 20 years working here.
I feel better now.


Yekits said...

Shelly- As much of a shame as it is that you were laid off, I can't tell you how glad I am that you've found and are embracing your funemployment.
I take it the irony of the SF Weekly that reads "funemployment" was found in a place of decreasing business was not lost on you.
May that be the first of many small joys you come across in your next 20 years!

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