Friday, June 26, 2009

Today's Advantage #6

I went closet diving earlier this week and unearthed a dress I'd long since forgotten about. It's grey, it has buttons, it has pockets. It's freaking adorable.

All it needed was a little iron and lint roller love, and it was back in adorable action.

I then did something with this dress that I would not have ever done as a ninetofiver- I wore it two days in a row. (Audible gasp from the direction of my Mom.)

If I had coworkers to face on a daily basis, this move would be out of the question. There would be the inevitable assumptions about my general hygiene (which is impeccable, I assure you), and comments what I'd been doing between quittin' time and punching in.

Instead, I ventured out into the world wearing the same adorable frock two days in a row and all I got were compliments.

Today's Adorable Advantage: Funemployed

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Anonymous said...

You bet I gasped! But the deal is you KNEW you were wearing it two days in a row.
Hugs and kisses,

The Joblessist said...

Hi I just learned about you on Gawker. I knew I wasn't alone but hadn't found my cohort yet. Really cute. My mom also "anonymously" comments on my blogs as well:

An added advantage to outfit repetition (a tactic I discovered long ago): reduced money expenditure on laundry.

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