Friday, June 19, 2009

Making Lemonade... Literally - UPDATE

Last weekend, sunbathers, birthday revelers and hula hoopers alike were introduced to a special funemployment treat in Dolores Park.

Refreshin' Recession Lemonade and it's counterpart Funemployment Fund Drug-Free "Fortune" Cookies made their debut this past sunny weekend.

Although my first attempt at a Funemployement interview was almost totally botched due to my lack of ability to save audio onto my iphone, I did (I swear) speak to the founders about their funemployment experiences.

Their stories are much like many others- laid off from a software job and a job in education. (Mari? who works in education, was offered a job, then had the offer retracted within 2 hours, hence the text on the sign in the leader photo.)

But, instead of spending their sunny weekend indoors, faces attached to laptop monitors, fingers frantically banging away at cover letters and holding back the tears of silent rejection (or is that just me?) these resourceful chicas borrowed from friends, borrowed a friend, Braiden, scraped together what they had, and threw together a lemonade stand, cardboard signage and all.

By their estimation, the whole thing took about $30 to throw together (cookies included) and their take at the end of the day was $90!

If we're lucky, and if Mr. Golden Sun shines down on Dolores Park again this weekend, these entrepreneurs may be back out and back at it again, slinging chocolate chip cookies and hawking their delicious, sweet lemonade made from the bitter lemons of layoff.

Braiden, Mari(?) & Adorable Girl with Dog

UPDATE: Thanks to moneybees for letting us know that cookies and lemonade will be served again in Dolores Park next saturday, 6/27! Get out there and support the fun in funemployment!
Also, the picture caption should read: Braden, Marri & Missy.


Miranda said...

love your blog. check mine out here: just getting started, but hope you enjoy.

Anonymous said...

This is a great article. Thanks for featuring us. We will be back at Dolores Park next saturday, 6/27 equipped with more cookies and unemployment juice.

Marri (two r's)
Braden (no i)
Missy (adorable dog-holder)

Laura said...

may i just say, awesome. does this mean that you got the pooch?

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