Friday, June 12, 2009

Not Wasting Your Time

We all get them.

Emails and phone calls from Senators, Congress people and sorted other elected government officials.
They always come with an encouragement to reach out to them when we have opinions about legislative issues. (That is what we pay them for, after all.)

Calling all Funemployed Friends!

You spend all day on your laptop anyway- you have the time- make a difference!
Use your voice to get a point across!

Whether your issue is same-sex marriage, internet security, or Hot Air Baloon Accidents, use your voice and use your time to effect your world. Sending out 340 resumes a day, although great for your keyboarding skills, can feel pointless after a while. So do something about it!

And although this blog is by no means a political blog, nor have I ever used it to push any political agenda, this is a cause that is dear to my heart and I encourage all my readers to take stand in support of same-sex marriage.

Since the majority of my readers are in California and New York, both states that still ban same-sex marriage I am providing some websites here for those regions:
Equality California
Courage Campaign
New York:
Empire State Pride Agenda

Note that I will delete any comments of a derogatory or hateful nature posted on Funemployment. I greatly encourage discussion, but will not endorse harmful comments on either side of the argument.

Thanks for using your discretion and get writing!


Leone said...

Thank you for the support! It is people like you, people who stand up for what they believe in, who help make change happen! I'm so proud of you and am so grateful to know you. You've got thousands of LGBT supporters standing behind you.

Thank you!

Rebecca said...

It is kind of amazing how much time one ( by one I mean me ) can waste when unemployed and plugged into the internet. Reading about other people's lives on facebook, signing up for internet scams, and checking random websites like It is also amazing how little time it took to write my (New York State) senator: only 0.235% of the total time I spent on a computer yesterday, to be precise. Amazing!

By the way, I love your blog. it is LOL funny.

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